How do I make an appointment?

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What are the non-surgical treatment options?

The non-surgical treatment options include rest, medications including analgesics and antibiotics, injections, and physical/occupational therapy.

What are the most common injuries?

The most common orthopaedic injuries are Knee, Shoulder, Spine, Hand and Wrist, Fractures, and Dislocations.

What are the causes of back pain?

Back pain frequently stems from inflammation due to an acute injury like a pulled muscle. Degenerative changes that take place as you age also lead to chronic back pain.

What is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is the treatment of injuries or disorders using physical methods such as exercise, massage, or the application of heat. At Orthopaedic Associates Inc., our trained staff will work with you to establish a treatment program individually designed for your specific needs.

Can your shoulder joint be replaced?

Shoulder replacement is less common than hip and knee joint replacements, but it’s just as effective for relieving pain. Like all joint replacements, the damaged parts are removed and replaced with prosthetic parts. Your exact procedure depends on which of the bones in the shoulder joint are affected. Your doctor may perform a reverse shoulder replacement when your rotator cuff is severely damaged. A reverse replacement uses the deltoid muscle in the top of your shoulder to power your arm instead of your rotator cuff.

What is arthroscopic surgery?

Arthroscopic surgery is a minimally invasive surgery used to diagnose and treat conditions that affect your joints. It’s performed using a pencil-thin arthroscope that your doctor inserts into the joint through a small incision.

What is a knee replacement?

A total knee replacement is a surgical procedure in which your doctor replaces the damaged bone and cartilage, replacing it with implants that restore motion. A partial knee replacement targets only the damaged portion of your knee while protecting unaffected tissues.

Which hip replacement procedures are performed?

When you have ongoing hip pain and restricted movement, your doctor may recommend hip replacement surgery, such as:
. Total hip replacement: your doctor removes damaged bone and cartilage and replaces them with prosthetics
. Anterior total hip replacement: performed through the front of your hip rather than the side
. Revision hip replacement: surgery to remove and replace worn hip prosthetics


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